Hololens Gaming

For the first Microsoft Hackathon for the Hololens, our team developed a social, room scale game based on charades called HeadParty.

Augmented Reality

We developed an interesting experiment at BrightSky Labs utilizing a personal mobile device as a social layer to the living room TV experience.

WebVR Data Visualization

Utilizing storyboarding for experimentation, I created storyboarding in 3D to visualize, test and share VR data visualizations.

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The Adjacent Possible

A 2017 Resolution to connect the dots and explore new areas of innovation.

Procedurally Generated Design

Creating tests for algorithmic design components in Framer JS.

VR Interaction Tests

Testing interactions in VR utilizing Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Unity, C#

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Voice Health

Using Alexa to detect changes in the voice as indicators for changes in health and wellness.

Tesla Queue

Creating a to-do queue that fits my commute time and selects tasks that are suitable for driving.

The Changing Landscape of Cities

Reimagining the city as autonomous vehicles and electric superchargers change the landscape.